Dr. Amicay,

I am so grateful for the incredible work you did with me. You pulled me out of two years of chronic, severe fatigue that not only forced me to have to stop running at the collegiate level, but also completely took me out of school entirely, and also made me unable to live by myself. Thanks to you, in a short time, I have been able to return to running, my passion that I hold closest to my heart, and of course return to UC Berkeley with a full course load. I have put over 60 miles on my running shoes since the last time I saw you a couple of weeks ago and I know I will be back up to full mileage soon!

Before you, I had been to 32 doctors, including every MD specialist you can think of, and not one of them were able to provide any relief. It was a true blessing to have found you. You are a unique doctor because not only are your skills far beyond most, you also above all really do care about your patients. I have never come across a doctor so dedicated to returning his patients back to health, and I know you will take any steps necessary! Thank you so much for all the time you spent studying my case and for not giving up on me, and also responding to every single one of my emails and phone calls along the way. Not only do you help people in your office, but you also provide as much support as necessary outside as well. You kept me confident that my body was healing even though I really did doubt you at some times, and of course you turned out to be right!! Without your unwavering and unending reassurance and support, I finally made it to the other end.

And not only did you return me to health, you also gave me knowledge that will help me become an even better runner than I was before. I have even started to notice that my body likes the shoes that you helped me pick out much better than the old style I used to run in! I feel more balanced and like my muscles can fire more efficiently. You taught me so much about how to listen to my body, which is one of the most valuable skills an athlete can have.

There are simply no words to express my gratitude to you :)


Dear Dr. Amicay,

I would just like to say thank you for all of your help over the past 9 months. After being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2007 I found myself with few options. My standard of living slowly started to retreat over the next few years. In 2010 I reached the point of hardly being able to leave the house. The extreme discomfort I felt most of the time was almost unbearable. Standard medical treatments only included expensive drugs, dangerous steroids, or the nightmare scenario of surgery. When I asked the doctors about changing my diet they stated “diet has nothing to do with it”. They continued to push steroids and other immune suppressing options. Around Christmas of last year a friend of my wife’s with the same condition recommended I look into applied kinesiology. 9 months after my first visit to your office I have to report that my symptoms have almost fully disappeared. I am off of all medication and my standard of living has never been better.

If I were to speak to a person with a medical condition similar to mine. I would tell them that your techniques of using applied kinesiology and diet are the only practical methods. Standard medical treatments are just a band aid for what the real underlying problems are. Applied kinesiology has allowed my body to directly communicate with me as to what was causing my symptoms and how to fix them. I would not be able to live the live I’ve wanted if I hadn’t taken that 1st step into your office.

Thank you again for all of your help.


E. F.

I want to take the time to thank Dr. Amicay for his help and dedication in paving the path for me to live happy and well. I spent 8 years in and out of pain management, specialists and therapist offices searching for answers and pain relief. I was prescribed every medication in the book for my lower back pain and endometriosis. I was eventually unhappily diagnosed with Fibromyalgia at 25 yrs old. I fought with the loss of my lively hood and life I once knew and enjoyed because I was led to believe physical pain had robbed me of it and this was the life I now had to suffer through and live….thanks to Dr. Amicay I now know how wrong that belief was. I don’t have to live in pain any longer!!!

I trusted in my previous Dr.’s to help me yet all they did was prescribe hard core addictive pain medication to mask the true problems…no one had answers to my pain until I met Dr Amicay. I mentioned I had fibromyalgia and he confidently told me, “Not a problem.” Something NO doctor had ever said to me before. I was skeptical of this and after one visit I was a believer. I have had such rapid improvement in all areas of my life that I greatly contribute my improved health, state of mind and well being to him and his practice. Immediately I saw an improvement in my fatigue and pain level. I also was able to stop taking medication for depression and ADHD immediately and have actually been the happiest and most balanced I have ever felt in my life….NATURALLY!!

I have been able to change my way of thinking and beliefs and accomplish many things I never dreamed possible. In a couple months time I have been able to leave a toxic relationship and living situation and have had such success in my career. I landed a great promotion and couldn’t be more grateful for being referred to Dr. Amicay. I have experienced such a change in my world I couldn’t be happier with my results. Dr. Amicay truly is a healer and has dedicated his life and work to helping people. I always look forward to my appointments with him because I know I will leave smiling and with more awareness and knowledge about myself than I had before. For anybody suffering I highly recommend Dr. Amicay.

Thank you Dr. Amicay, you have left such a positive mark in my life I will forever be grateful to you and your practice.


Dear Dr. Rudy,

This is a note of absolute appreciation. I came to your office last summer after being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, resulting in severe joint pain and fatigue. I was so frustrated at the western medical treatment offered by general practitioner and rheumatologist (pills, shits. etc), and refused to accept that at the age of 31.

Your evaluation and treatments were right on target! You helped me develop an entire overhaul of my diet, thought-process, and attitude. My joint pain completely disappeared after two weeks from the first treatment, and the fatigue and depression evaporated shortly thereafter. I was also able to finally confront a huge personal obstacle, address it, and move on with my life.

My life is completely unrecognizable from when I first met you. You helped me leave a toxic living situation and gave me the strength to recover from a damaging relationship. My health is so vibrant now…just ran the 2008 Los Angeles Marathon! I also just landed the highest paying job of my life!

Thank you, with all my heart, for being in tune to empower me with the tools to change my life and health.

All my best,


Hi Rudy

I just wanted to write you a note to say thanks for our most recent visit. I sure unloaded a lot on you and I hope you were able to recover soon afterward (especially since your day was so long already!).

I truly feel like you hand me a gift every time I walk through your door. I guess it is the gift of health! I am kicking myself now for even thinking I should ever put off an appointment with you. Thanks to your treatment my husband and I are back on an awesome track (no more fights or tears, yay!) and I was able to get through one of the more stressful projects I have had this year.

So thanks again and keep up the good work. You are making an amazing impact on your patients? lives!

All my best,


I just found out Dylan?s dad has stage II rectal cancer and at first I was a wreck but now I am determined to fight this and win. As most people know I am a Pharmacy Auditor, Fraud and Abuse investigator and clinical researcher. I deal with drugs and always believed there was a pill for everything. I never knew anything different.

I guess desperate times call for desperate measures. So, today I went and saw Dr Amicay to see what he could do for Dylan’s dad during his chemo and radiation. While I was there he showed me what muscle testing was and he told me things about myself that I have never talked to him about. He knew about my sugar and insulin issues as well as minerals I was severely lacking. He was so right on it freaked me out.

So many of us walk around with symptoms thinking its stress or something we are just supposed to deal with. Others know that something is just not right but you don’t know what it is so you ignore it or deal with it. Point is, I went to this Doctor to fix Dylan?s dad and Dr. Amicay also took the time to try and fix me. What doctor’s office can you walk in and he/she tells you what your symptoms are and what?s causing them? I just want people to know that there are more options and more treatments and never stop fighting.

I believe in medicine but I am tired of carrying my pills in a Pez dispenser, I am tired of suffering from bad headaches and reaching for a quick fix instead of finding the reason behind them. When our bodies are in pain it?s a symptom that something else is going on.

I just wanted to share my thoughts and let people know that there is treatment that goes beyond what medicine alone can do. I wish I had met Dr Amicay sooner because maybe he would have caught Joe’s cancer but we cant go back in time and I am thankful he can help where traditional medicine cant. I cant say enough good things about him he truly is a great person.

Below is a link to his website and I urge and recommend everyone to at least go for the free consultation…but be prepared because he is right on target and you will be blown away.


Hi Dr. Rudy,

In March of 2001, I contracted Poison Oak from petting a horse in the mountains. My body went into some kind of severe allergic reaction and for six years, I was plagued with nonstop rashes, literally from head to toe. I am a massage therapist, so because of the rashes covering my arms, I was unable to work for several months during the first year. I am also an athlete, and because heat aggravated my condition, I was unable to do any type of exercise for over one year. Imagine thousands of mosquito bites all over your body at all times. The itching nearly drove me insane.

I tried everything humanly possible to rid myself of this nightmare. Two dermatologists prescribed three rounds of Prednisone plus several topical steroid ointments. Two allergist prescribed various antihistamines. I went through three months of Acupuncture with a vegetarian diet and herbal teas. A Naturapath put me on The Zone diet, Liver and Gallbladder Detox, three day cleansing fast and several colonics. A Kinesiologist had me on an alkaline diet and supplements. Some of the treatments offered temporary relief but nothing had a lasting effect. Ultimately, an extreme outbreak covered my body and I ended up in the emergency room with an intervenious injection of steroids, Tangament, and Benedril. Two days later, my skin molted off like a snake! Again I followed up with Prednisone and got some relief. Chemicals of any kind, heat, stress, acid diet…all aggravated my condition over the next several years. I changed all of my products and detergents to hypoallergenic. Honestly, the only REAL relief I got from the itching was ice packs. Every night (when itching is at its worst), I went to bed with the ice. On top of this, in 2003, I came down with another skin condition. It was a fungus which caused red welts over my torso. Medication from the Dermatologist was virtually worthless. Over time, I came to accept my skin conditions as permanent. I had many blessings in my life, and if this was my only cross to bear, I could live with that. A lot of people had a lot worse to deal with.

I met Dr. Amicay in 2006, I didn’t even think to mention my “skin issues” to him until my second treatment. At that time, he “reprogrammed” my body through a series of simple muscle tests and adjustments. After the treatment, he confidently told me that the condition was “gone”. I didn’t think much of it, and pretty much forgot about it over the next week. About ten days following that treatment, I woke up and realized that I was rash and welt free! Not a trace of ANY kind has returned since! I highly recommend Dr. Amicay’s services. Through his unique treatment, Dr. Amicay is able to “converse” with your extremely intelligent body. Through this means, he is able to access and treat your dysfunction at Its deepest core. In my mind, there is no doubt that this is the most accurate, efficient, and “Medicine” of the future.


Dr. Rudy,

You truly are a miracle worker. You must be because you have faithfully treated me for 8 years now and I still make the trek from LA to OC. Let’s face it, there’s only one YOU! I just want to thank you for healing powers. The new technique you used on my last visit really proved helpful, to say the least. It’s amazing to me that through it all (ulcer, viruses, bacteria?s, flus) you cure me every time with just a visit and herbs. Anyone who does not believe in kinesiology or the practice of eastern medicine and being cured homeopathically will believe after they experience your gift. I love you dearly..and don’t know what I would do without you. Thank you.


Ever since I’ve been coming to you I’ve been feeling better physically and the mental part is following. I feel like little-by-little I’m starting to feel like myself again and building the strength I used to have within myself that it?s making me realize what I do want and what’s good for me. I don’t want to be “stuck” or “weak.” I wish I could have thought of this stuff on Monday so I could have talked to you about it. Because in the past couple days for some reason I realized my past relationship had some flaws but may have been ok for me and is what truly makes me happy and makes me a better person. I may be wrong, but for sure mentally I’ve been viewing and feeling things a lot differently.


My husband and I began seeing Dr. Rudy back in 2007 and we now wonder what we would have done without his treatments. Both of us were completely stressed out and our bodies very out of balance back then (I was in my first year of law school and my husband was in a highly demanding, dead-end job). But through his treatments, he gave us the gift of excellent health that has persisted since that time. We still see him occasionally, but the more he has worked with us, the less we have needed to go because his treatments are so effective. I would recommend Dr. Rudy to anyone who is looking for a personalized experience with an amazing health care practitioner who refuses to treat just the symptoms of un-health, and instead treats the whole person. Give yourself the gift of amazing health by calling Dr. Rudy today. You won’t regret it!

N.S. (LinkedIn post)

Hello Dr. Amicay,

At this time of the year some of us stop to think and reflect on what we have done in the last year right or wrong. Well one of my biggest achievements and rewards was to have found you as my doctor and been able to help me to fix my health; you advised me and gave me the tools to work with and by following them I was able to fix my cholesterol and stay drug free. By changing my eating habits my body has been rejuvenated.

Thank you Dr. Amicay for giving me the advices, the supplements and the advices to fix my health.


Hello Doctor!

Before I go to bed and take some yummy Paraplex, I just wanted to thank you one more time for today and for what you do. Even this afternoon and this evening I noticed changes in how I feel. They are subtle but I can tell a difference. I used to feel kind of old and achy at times, even getting up from the couch. Tonight it felt effortless. Talking to my grandmother I usually have to strain my voice for her to hear me. Tonight I projected my voice so she could hear me but I didn’t feel like it was a strain. Interacting with other students today after class I felt a bit more confident and I wasn’t scrounging for words…the confidence I had enabled me to mean what I was saying rather than casually contributing to the conversation. It’s kind of like the energy I had before was enough to sustain me but now I feel empowered! (Please excuse my feta cheesiness.) So… thank you, thank you, thank you, Dr. Rudy Amicay, for fixing me (!!!) and setting up the body to fix itself!

See you in a couple of months!

Sincerely your patient,


P.S. That last neck thing was something else. I think I can still feel a release.

My name is Ashley; I am a 23 year old female. I love to exercise and eat well, but kept having health problems. On a few occasions, I had diagnostic test performed, and was told that the test came back normal; but I knew my body and I still didn’t feel right. I was refereed to Dr. Amicay and gave it a shot. After a few treatments, Dr. Amicay helped clear my many ailments. I would highly recommend him to everyone – whether to treat a specific condition or for general health. He is professional, knowledgeable, and personable. He really took the time to listen; I feel he really cares about my health and well being.


To whom it may concern,

Since my menstruation started, I had terrible low abdominal pain. But after I had my second child, it got worse. I had e3xcruciating pain that restricted me from doing my daily activities, even work. I had severe cramps and headaches that wouldn?t go away with any or many painkillers.

I went to see many doctors in three different countries like: Brazil, Japan, and in the United States, but no one could find the problem and solve it. Until my brother started the doctor program in CCC-LA, he introduced me to Dr. Rudy Amicay. At the beginning of the treatment, I was skeptical, but I thought it was worth a try. After two sessions with Rudy, I started feeling the difference already, my cramps were bearable, and a few sessions later I was cured! No cramps, and no need to take any medicine. It was unbelievable!

I?m very grateful to Dr. Amicay, and I?m sure he will be a very successful doctor. I will never forget what he has done for me.



Hey Dr. Rudy,

It?s been almost 3 years since my wife and I have started seeing you and I just wanted to thank you for everything that you have done for us and our family. You?ve had such a positive impact in our lives helping us stay focused and healthy. Our beautiful daughter will live her entire life much healthier because of the pre-natal care my wife received while seeing you through her pregnancy, and the nutritional guidelines we have set forth in her life from the beginning. Every time I caught the flu or a virus at work it seemed to disappear faster than I noticed it coming on due to short consistent visits with you as I felt the need to come in. Not to mention, the life changing events that have taken place since our first visit?.not sure how I could have gotten through without you. As I launch my new business today, I think of you and the steps I have taken to get to this point in my life.

Thank you Dr. Rudy! I?m honored to have you as my Dr. for many years to come! I will follow you any place you go. But please don?t leave the Orange County unless you?re heading north to LA.


Thanks, Dr. Rudy! I can’t tell you how much someone (you) by paying attention to my body and believing in the body has made a difference in my life.


Dr. Amicay,

I gotta tell you…My stomach is completely better…Christ yer a miracle man. Thank you again so much.


Thank you so much for today, Rudy. You are brilliant. My leg feels great, I had a good walk today with no pain whatsoever. I look forward to seeing you soon for a follow up.


I feel awesome and I have lost 7 lbs since Thursday. I don?t have food cravings. I don?t know what you did to clean out my head, but it worked.

I have been crazy busy?..end of month and 1st of each month is crunch time for me with clients. I am working to get cardio consistently.

I have a long way to go, but I thought I would let you know that I feel great.



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